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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Most people seek help from a professional only when they feel distressed or stuck. My clients want immediate relief as well as more lasting change.

I help clients rediscover inner strength and resourcefulness—
strengths they forgot they had or the ability to learn new skills.

My goal is to leave them with the energy, self-confidence and skill to
meet life’s challenges, to move forward and live more fulfilling lives.

Dr Weir’s counselling psychology practice caters for individuals seeking help with a variety of issues or complaints, including the following

  • Anxiety, panic, stress or worry; PTSD; sleeping difficulties
  • Depression, feeling down, lack of energy
  • Loss of confidence or direction; life & career transitions
  • Conflict, relationship issues or problems communicating
  • Workplace issues and decisions about career or study
  • Difficulty losing weight, getting fit or stopping smoking
  • Health issues, preparing for surgery

Dr Weir’s practice specialises is helping people with the issues listed above while extending to other matters clients wish to raise.

Medicare Rebates now available
For conditions including depression, anxiety and sleep problems, Medicare provides significant rebates for treatment by psychologists. GP Referral is required. 
Medicare Fact Sheet PDF (108Kb)

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Contact Pamila to discuss corporate or individual coaching programs.