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Dr Pamila Weir

Dr Pamila Weir is a registered psychologist with a PhD in Counselling and Educational Psychology from the University of Wisconsin.

She taught Counselling, Psychology and Behavioural Sciences to Health Professionals in the 1980s. She has since completed further studies in Brief, Solution-Focused Coaching, Ericksonian approaches, Clinical Hypnosis, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Dr Weir has extensive experience in personal counselling and therapy in public and private counselling practices as well as in a community mental health centre. Her recent experience includes treatment of anxiety and depression and career counseling and coaching.

Now based in Melbourne, Pamila draws on a number of therapeutic approaches to help clients achieve results. She is deeply respectful of the uniqueness, creativity, and potential of each individual.

She has experience living and working in other countries and working with people from different backgrounds. Her experience and understanding of the business world is valued by some of her clients.

Leading clinicians and authors who have influenced Pamila and with whom she has worked include Dr Stephen Gilligan (Ericksonian and Self-Relations Therapy), Dr Doris Brett (Clinical hypnosis and health/illness; therapeutic story telling), Dr Deborah Luepnitz (clinician and analyst), Reid Wilson (anxiety disorder specialist), and Dr Michael Yapko (depression and clinical hypnosis)

Likewise leading consultants and coaches include Dr Beverly Kaye (Career Systems International), Peter Block (Designed Learning), William Bridges (Transitions), Michael Hudson and Leo Hawkins (Negotiation ENS International) and Dr Lyle Spencer (Competence at Work).

PhD in Counseling and Educational Psychology, USA
Clinical Hypnosis
Solution-Focused Coaching

Professional Associations
Australian Psychological Society
Australian Society of Hypnosis